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Many people think that being a pornstar or sucking dick online makes you rich. Well, it doesn't and you might be surprised to hear that I've been working a 9 to 5 job like everyone else since I started out in 1999. The website in all it's different versions over the years has always been a labor of love and I've gone from profitable to break even to "Shit, this ain't worth the hassle" (in the face of piracy and freeloaders) numerous times. Now I'm working on a new platform that makes me 40 cents on the dollar for every earned buck and that's before taxes. Sobering right? But nonetheless I made it through one and a half decades (!) in this often thankless business and I feel like I have another couple of years in me depending on fluctuations in gravity. However, criticism, complaints and insults (which make up a significant portion of the social chatter) aren't exactly motivating. I love my fans, I love all you creative types who provide proper feedback and ideas, but you guys are outnumbered 100:1 by pimple-faced loudmouths living in their mom's basement who're hiding behind a wall of internet anonymity. It's just the way it is these days. 

To counter-balance my frustrations and give this V 3.0 of a fighting chance I've restructured the membership options from (very) low to highly priced as a way to match the amount of disposable income you guys have. I for one pay for the podcasts I enjoy and contribute as much as I can to keep the shows I download going. Same goes for Spotify which made me an honest music consumer overnight. I believe in choices and I think there's a place for "free". But honestly ask yourself, in case you've seen my stuff for free before: Why did you come back to me? It's a simple question that I use all the time in regard to online entertainment and it helps me decide who gets my hard earned cash at the end of the day. Who made me laugh repeatedly. Who taught me something for free over and over again? Which porn do I keep going back to and have I contributed at least a little bit? A thoughtlessly stolen Kindle book won't put food on the author's table, but the paperback version I give to my mom on her birthday will. You get the idea. - And with those thoughts I now present you with the option of ignoring my brand new "Tipping" options. Don't be offended by the idea if you don't see the point, just move on. If on the other hand you feel generous I'll appreciate every bit of loose change that lands in my virtual piggy bank. - xoxo Britney :)

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