Britney’s Cumtrainer is often mentioned alongside the the classic Wifey’s World. Launched a year or two after Wifey, Britney’s website has been around in one form or another since 1999. In January 2000 Britney opened „The Cum Swallowers Forum“, a free site where men and women who enjoyed cum play could share techniques, tips, opinions, and stories. That’s when she began to recognize the huge demand there was for cum eating, Gokkun and facial-related message boards. In June 2000, after the „Cum Swallowers Forum“ had been deleted due to its extreme content, Britney launched Teamcumeater.com.

With demand for videos ever increasing, Britney felt able enough to take a risk and open a paysite – a brave move but one that paid off – in no small amount thanks to Britney herself and her mesmerizing capacity to try her hand at almost anything. Thus, in January 2001, Chicktrainer.com was born and that in turn eventually morphed into Cumtrainer.com as Britney’s success and loyal fanbase continued to grow exponentially from strength to strength. One of Cumtrainer’s unique selling points is its homemade feel. Britney’s work truly comes across as reality porn. As she puts it herself, “this is not studio porn, it’s just me doing what I love to do; deep throating cocks, anal sex, ATM and swallowing semen whenever I get a chance. It’s reality porn done by a real girl, not some horny wannabe producer.”

As fans of the site will know, this does not mean badly lit, grainy videos. “Just because it’s done by an amateur doesn’t mean the videos have to be crappy,” says Britney, who has since moved on to shooting in high definition. - “I wouldn’t want to do big-budget studio porn,” she continues. “I don’t want to shoot when somebody tells me to but when I’m horny and ready to get down on my knees. I don’t want to get rich but enjoy myself. This is the best job I’ve ever had and as long as I can pay the website maintenance bills and half my rent I’m happy.” Britney’s Cumtrainer would be nothing without Britney herself. Almost everything displayed on the site she does herself. And she’s done it all. Anal, ass-to-mouth, condom cum drinking, bukkake, public exposure and, most importantly, extreme cum swallowing aka "Gokkun" jizz drinking.

Nowadays you couldn’t call what she does ‘amateur’, but Britney was certainly a pioneer in the field, shooting porn way before the great proliferation of ‘amateur porn’ sites we see today. And she’s still shooting today. That’s almost 18 years now, making between 20 and 30 videos a year, up until her baby break in 2011/2012 – that’s the TEEN to MILF trajectory we mentioned earlier. Over those two decades, fans of Britney have seen her change. Her body has changed. After having her baby, her breasts have gone from a C-cup to a Double-D thanks to breastfeeding. There are a few more wrinkles and a few more pounds, but MILF Britney still looks pretty amazing and, more importantly, 100% all natural. All real. No surgery, no liposuction.

Britney has grown in her work, she has become more confident, experimenting and producing brand new content, only this time around as a MILF. And she continues to develop. Currently, Britney’s working on shooting regular ass-to-mouth video specials. “That’s my new fetish,” she says. “It’s degrading, demeaning, but that’s exactly what makes it so irresistible for a submissive type like me. And I like to have my tits slapped around these days, another humiliating kink I developed a fondness for recently. I love to get my udders punched like a boxer’s speed bags.”

My (adjusted) MILF stats :)

Languages English
Orientation Straight
Measurements 34DD-24-38
Weight 110
Height 5'3''
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Tattoo No
Piercing No
Filmography & Awards

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